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Damen Lederjacke mit Fuchs-Pelzhaube, feinstes Lamm-Nappa, is gefüttert. Fur is lining the hood and the vertical part along both zipper sides. Made by finest lamb-nappa leather colored in black. Natural fur is of a nordic fox. Satin inner lining. The hood is fixed, non-removable Mehr

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The luxurious look guaranteed rich Fur made of Nordic Fox and the chic combination of gray and black. The hood subtly allows variability position of the fur on the shoulders or around the face. The hood is part of the jacket, it is not removable. The cut of the jacket can nicely highlight the belt, especially when fastening. The jacket is all-leather made of fine lambskin. It has a satin lining inside, but it is not insulated.

Material: * jacket-fine Nappa leather, * genuine fur-Nordic fox, * lining-satin

Größentabelle :

Brust_cm elastisch Taille_cm elastisch Hüft_cm elastisch
S (36) 85 Nein 74 Nein 92 Nein
M (38) 90 78 96
L (40) 95 82 100
XL (42) 100 90 105

Die Größen sind Richtwerte und können geringfügig von den oben genannten abweichen ! 

tips and notes :

You definitely fall in love with the jacket. It's not all weather, but it will keep you warm at temperatures above freezing. You will have an attention of the people around. If you like to take photos, you will definitely create many beautiful selfees, as well as our customer from the mainphoto.

Größe S, M, L
Farbe schwarz-002
Materiál koža, fur

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